Café Balthazar by Confeitaria Nacional

The quality of the coffee of Confeitaria Nacional represents the Portuguese knowledge, used in the production of coffee that can be equaled or distinguished among the best in the world. This knowledge was brought from former colonies and Portuguese commercial missions in Africa, Asia, Central and South America since the 15th century.

Confeitaria Nacional’s blends are the result of experienced artisanal roasting, in very small quantities, thus guaranteeing its quality.


100% Arabica Blend

This blend is 100% Arabica coffee, from the best selections of washed raw coffee beans from Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala, roasted by origins. It is a well-made coffee, with a thick, uniform, consistent, clean, shiny cream, full hazelnut color and a characteristic spice flavor.

It is available in capsules compatible with Nespresso machines and in a tin with 250 grams of ground coffee.


Premium Coffee Blend (mixed)

The Balthazar Premium Coffee blend has a subtle balance, which combines intense character and a very dense body, due to the mixture of Arabica coffees from Central and South America and Robusta coffees from Africa and Asia, making it the ideal coffee for those who want an espresso with roasted notes, cocoa flavor and at the same time short and sweet.

It is available in 1 kg packages of coffee beans.


Premium Coffee Blend (mixed)

This blend comes from an ideal mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee, which makes us enjoy a coffee with a dense body and roasted notes, but at the same time with a rich and sweet taste.

It is available in packages of 250 gr of ground coffee and 250 gr and 1 kg of coffee beans.

100% Arabica Blend

This coffee blend has a balanced mix of the best Arabicas from Central America, with a light roast, distinguished by sweet, fruity and acidic notes in an intense body.

It is available in a tin with 250 grams of ground coffee.