The art of Well Doing

At Confeitaria Nacional, we are passionately dedicated to creating memories through flavor. Since 1829, we have sought to bring you the best in national and international confectionery.

Each product that leaves the hands of our pastry chefs is a celebration of flavor, quality and tradition to make every occasion memorable.

Explore the world of flavors with us and discover what we have in store for you.

Exclusive cakes

We are proud of our legacy and the various distinctions and awards we have received throughout our history.

Our recipes are our most beloved heritage and we follow them religiously as we did centuries ago. Did you know that it was almost 200 years ago that, through the hands of our founder Balthazar Roiz Castanheiro, the Bolo Rei tradition first arrived in Portugal?

We make exclusive cakes of our own creation that you will only find at the Confeitaria. Have you tried the Africanos or our Meias Luas?

Confeitaria Nacional
Confeitaria Nacional

Festive cakes

Our festive cakes sweeten the special moments of your life.

Each festive cake is carefully prepared to make your special moments even more memorable. Whether for a birthday, wedding, baptism or other occasion, our festive cakes are carefully prepared in our Confeitaria with art and lots of flavor.

From the classics to personalized creations, we offer different flavors of base cakes and toppings with stunning decorations to sweeten the special moments of your life.

Cupcakes and Assortments

Our selection of cakes and assortments is an invitation to a journey through the traditional flavors of Portuguese confectionery.

With our centuries-old recipes we produce cakes and assortments with a base of egg, butter or almond, which represent the best of our culinary heritage.

Our cakes and assortments are ideal to accompany your morning coffee, your afternoon tea or to surprise family and friends. Explore our collection and discover the joy that our cakes and assortments can bring to your day.

Confeitaria Nacional
Confeitaria Nacional

Savory goods from our Confeitaria

One cannot live off of sweets alone and our Confeitaria also comes with traditional Portuguese savory snacks such as cod pastry, croquette and shrimp patty.

In addition to being able to take a break in the afternoon with one of our snacks, you can also enjoy the options on our daily lunch menu or our brunch with several options for the whole family.