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Confeitaria Nacional was founded in 1829. Firm in keeping the tradition and quality, CN continues to use the original recipes, always with a careful selection of ingredients. Most of the recipes are dated over 180 years, full of history and tradition.

With 185 years of age, Confeitaria Nacional is considered the most antique and traditional pastry shop in Lisbon making it known all over the world. It is must see for anyone visiting the city of Lisbon.

The high quality standards demonstrated by Confeitaria Nacional resulted in various awards being received along the years. In 1873, Confeitaria Nacional ask for the status of supplier of the Portuguese Royal House. The status was granted by King D. Luis l. Confeitaria Nacional receive various international awards relating to national and original recipes. Today, it is considered to be part of Portugal and Lisbon’s history.

After six generations the oldest pastry shop in Lisbon still remains in the family of the founder, Balthazar Castanheiro.

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